Who is Mentor Wrap?

Mentor Wrap is a wrap administration service across superannuation, retirement and investment, that allows financial advisers to tailor a wealth creation solution for clients.

Cost effective for both investors and advisers, Mentor Wrap allows you to conveniently package together investments, such as certain direct shares, managed funds, property trusts and term deposits.

As an adviser, you can transact, record and report on a diverse range of investments within superannuation, pension service and non-super investment portfolios on behalf of your clients. You will also have access to an online front-end system, helping you conduct your business efficiently, confidently and with transparency. Contact us to discover how Mentor Wrap can partner with you to deliver wealth creation solutions for your clients.

As an investor, you will receive efficient and personalised customer service, access to a broad range of investment options, regular communication and easy access to your account information.